If they ask where you got that delicious food...

MeVell's Combos

(Served with fries, can drink)

** fruit punch or lemonade upgrade fee**

Hamburger Combo 8.25

Double Trouble Combo 10.50

Turkey Burger Combo 8.25

Chicken Sandwich Combo 7.85

Bologna Combo 7.50

Pork Shoulder Combo 8.50

BLT Combo 7.50

(add cheese .35)

Thank you!

MeVell's BBQ &Dinners

(All dinners include 2 sides and bread/roll) 

Pork Ribs 13.25 1/2 Slab

BBQ Chicken Dinner 10.75

2 Pc Fish Dinner 9.45

3 pc Fish Dinner 11.90

Chopped Pork 12.50


Fries 2.25 (R), 3.25 (L)

**reg season .50 extra**

spicy garlic season .75 extra**

onion rings 3.25

Hot Pickles 3.25(select flavors)

a le carte Dinner sides

Baked Beans; Slaw; Potato Salad, Okra, Fries, hush puppies, jojo wedges,

BBQ Spaghetti(seasonal item),

JoJo Wedges

Hush Puppies 3.25

2.99 (indiv), 4.59 (Large)

**Hot pickles excluded as dinner side**

**(exception when added to dinner or combo onion rings .75 extra, all others included)

Thank you!

MeVell’s Sandwiches

Hamburger 4.85

Turkey Burger 5.75

Smoke Sausage 4.50

BBQ Bologna 4.50

Grilled Chicken Sandwich 5.75

Philly Steak or Chicken 6.95

Gyro (Lamb or Chicken) 6.50

Fish 5.50

Pork Shoulder 6.50

5pc Tenders and fries/roll 9.89

BBQ Nachos 10.85

Pork Rib Sandwich 8.25

...add cheese to any sandwich (.35)

(MeVell-it to make it a combo for 2.50 more)

season/cheese extra.

All Combos come with can drinks

MeVell’s Salads and Extras

Reg grilled 8.50.

Buffalo fried salad 9.50

(lettuce, tomato, chicken or pork, eggs, cheese, grilled onions, dressing)

Fried Tomatoes (7) 4.99

Fried Spear pickles (4) 4.50

Rolls .35 each

Dressing .50 each/2oz or 1.00 each/4 oz

add cheese .35

extra veggie side .75 (pickles/Carrots)

add 1.00 mix sauce fee


Pepsi Products can 1.25

Fountain 20 oz 1.99

                  32 oz 2.65

*All prices subject to change online and in restaurant.

**Absolutely NO REFUNDS! Exchanges only....

Thank you!

MeVell's Hot Wings

Wings (whole only)

(served with 1-2 oz dressing with pickles and carrots, rolls extra .35)

Flavors- Honey Gold, Ranch hot, Ranch mild, Ranch seas, Lemon Pepper, Seasoned wet or dry, Honey Hot, Honey BBQ,Spicy garlic,sweet heat, garlic butter Suicide

5pc- 7.85



(combine wing orders to suit your party)

*** additional or mix flavors add 1.00 each

*** additional Dressing add .50/ each 2oz

1.00/ each 4 oz

Thank you!

Boneless Wings

served w/ 1-2 oz dressing




Thank you!